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September 26, 2017

Inside of Jimmy Connors

Jimmy freaking Connors…a former number one tennis player in the world; he won five US Open, two Wimbledon, and one Australian Open. Jimmy talks to me about the start of his career…being trained by his mom and grandma, moving to Los Angeles at 15 to train with Ecuadorian tennis pro Pancho Segura, and the first moment he felt a rush of adrenaline from the crowd.

We talk a lot about tennis…a lot. About his competitive rage and how it impacted his game, his rivalry with John McEnroe, his infamous 1991 US Open run, and finally reuniting with Aaron Krickstein after all these years. Even if you’re not a tennis fan, you’re going to want to hear this. Come listen as I get inside the great Jimmy Connors.

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