I guess I’m a stand up comedian now…

Friday, April 28, 2017

I honestly got into in stand up because a few of my close friends, who happen to be big names in the comedy circuit, told me to. My Grandmother always said I was a riot and I have done a lot of comedies, but truthfully I was scared shitless to do it. Harland Williams (Dumb and Dumber, Something About Mary, Back In The Day, and Sorority Boys…where we met) told me over and over that I, “Have to do it!” Other big comedians like Bobby Lee, Nick Swardson, and Jo Koy also said the same thing, “Give it a shot!”

I finally went up, opening for Harland in Oxnard, and I guess the rest is history. Although I still shit my pants before I go onstage sometimes…I could be joking. I fell in love with it. It’s great when you say something that you’ve made up and people actually laugh. The response…I love instant gratification. I remember watching Sarah Silverman on a special and she said something like, “It’s crazy that some people need to get attention and a response from people they don’t know.” It’s certainly exciting to hear a room full of people laugh simultaneously after you complete a joke that you’ve worked on. When they don’t…it makes you feel like shit, but you just keep doing it!