Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Premiere

Saturday, May 6, 2017

I gotta tell ya… I always feel weird about going to premieres. I always feel like I don’t belong. Some of the best advice I ever got was from Denzel Washington around 15 years ago. He was walking out of a restaurant and I walked up to him and said, “do you have any advice for a young actor trying to make it?” He looked at me, smiled and said, “don’t go to anyone’s premiere except your own. You don’t need to be showing up at other people’s movie premieres that you weren’t part of unless it’s your wife or some shit.” Then he laughed and walked away. Around two years later I was doing a movie called Urban Legend and we were doing press at the Four Seasons. I saw him walking outside and I had to say something to him. I went up to him and said, “Mr. Washington, I met you a few years ago and you gave me great advice. You said to never to go anyone’s premiere except your own. Well, guess what? I’m going to my premiere tonight!” He waited for a beat, gave me a congratulatory nod, and softly replied, “well I’m not.” We laughed and he walked away.

The premiere for Guardians of the Galaxy was honestly epic. Marvel did such an amazing job of coordinating this event because frankly they are usually shit shows and you feel stupid never knowing what you’re supposed to do or where you’re supposed to go. They really nailed it. I was so proud to see my good friend and the director of Guardians, James Gunn take the red carpet. I know how hard he worked on this film and he deserved every moment. I really had a blast seeing all the wonderful people I worked with. The great thing about this movie is that James cast a lot of his pals, so it was more of a reunion than a premiere. I got to see Stallone and we laughed at the times we would sing old 70’s songs on set. After the premiere, he came up to me and asked me “we’re coming back for the next one right?” I was like “fuck, I don’t know…” You’re Sylvester Stallone. Shouldn’t you know?


Me and Stallone.


Me and Jimmy Urine who was a Ravager in the movie. One of my good pals.


Nicest guy from Marvel who helped guide us around.